General Pest Control For Your Vegas Home

When it comes to your home, you want to make sure that it’s as safe, sturdy, and secure as it can be. After all, it’s where you go to rest and grow—it’s where you raise your family and protect them from the natural elements, and then some. There are many things that can and will come to threaten your home and one of these very real dangers are pests.

Just as every home is unique, not every infestation is the same. There are specific techniques to exterminate or remove certain pests from areas and, no matter the kind of infestation, it is important to take care when embarking in the process to remove them. No matter the good state you believe that your home is in, you never know the secrets behind the walls—or right under your bed!

How Could My Home Have Pests?

You might think that just because everything looks good and pristine at the surface level, you never know what might be lurking underneath. Most of the pests, such as ants, spiders, scorpions, roaches, and crickets live outside our homes but they are small and flexible enough to find a way inside our homes when they have a mind too.  The real danger comes when they decide to STAY in our homes.  Reproducing and laying eggs can turn into a real infestation in just a matter of months.

A lot of the time, many people do not even realize that they are already dealing with many different kinds of pest and have simply gotten used to them there. This is because real life is not like the movies – infestations come gradually. They slip in when you don’t notice them and by the time you realize that there’s a full blown infestation in your home, there’s already so much damage that you didn’t even realize was already there.

Regular inspections from pest control services can help prevent this. However, there are certain areas in the continental United States – such as Nevada or California, for example – that can attract increased levels of pests, like Bed Bugs and German Roaches. This is often due to increased travel and mobility, especially with the frequency of travel and diversity of the population in such thriving, bustling cities such as Las Vegas.  Pests such as these can simply latch onto your luggage or even just lay eggs in it and then it is carried back home with you.

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Why Get Professional Pest Control Services?

In the age of modernization and freedom of information, many people tend to go to their keyboards first before dialing the professionals, thinking that they can save a quick buck by doing it themselves. This can pose so many dangers!

First of all, the average joe would not be able to discern what is and isn’t factual. After all, there’s all kinds of marketing tricks that some companies that sell possibly harmful chemicals could be coming up with to advertise in the guise of helpful, “DIY” articles. When you put your faith in seasoned professionals who can be held accountable for their actions and services, you then recieve “Pest Peace Of Mind” and can put your own self at ease that these professionals actually know what they’re doing.

Second of all, when a job is done right and efficiently—you won’t need pest control services as much, and this can save you a lot in terms of cost. After all, the best kind of cure is prevention. When professional pest control services like the ones offered by Ranger Pest Control come into your home, you can rest assured. You will receive service on the outside of the home to minimize the pest seeking refuge inside your home.  We will also service the inside of your home to exterminate any and all pests that have already crossed  your threshold.  We are experts that can and will provide excellent services that exceed your every expectation!

The Dangers of Pest Infestations

Are pest infestations even cause for such alarm? After all, what damage could they cause? Answer: a lot.

Many pests such as Scorpions, Black Widows, and Brown Recluse spiders are venomous and a bite or sting from these creatures can cause great pain, sickness, or death in some cases.  Other pests are carriers of disease and bacteria. As many of them can travel through so many means – by touch, by the air, by food, by water – you can never be too careful and it’s so much better to be safe than sorry. Protect the children and pets from possible disease and also, save yourself the pain of having to go through such preventable illnesses.

Another thing is that some pests can cause damage to infrastructure as well. Termites and Carpenter Ants, for example, can weaken the wood found in your home. Other ants and rodents have the ability to mess up your electrical wiring. Pigeon infestations can be unsightly and hard on the nose, with droppings and feathers everywhere, that make your area not just a haven for filth but also an accident prone site. And these are only some examples of pests that could come into your home.

Get your house inspected and make sure everything is in good shape! It would be in your best interests, after all, and could save you a lot of money (and grief) in the long run!

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DIY Pest Control, where would I start?

We know not everyone has the budget to higher a professional pest
control company on a regular basis, so if that is the case, we found to be the BEST resource for DIY pest control products and knowledge.

Their site has a HUGE database of content and tips that you can find here:

And their products have been given 5 star reviews by many of their customers!  So, if this is the route you find yourself going, go visit them and be confident in the products you end up using.

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