Pest Control for Homeowners’ Associations

Sometimes, residential and commercial pest control services meet in a middle ground – such is the need for services for Homeowners’ Associations (HOA). When it comes to the safety of so many families in a neighborhood, keeping everyone safe and healthy in common, public areas is absolutely paramount.


It is then the responsibility of the board of directors to choose a method of best control that would best aid the neighborhood or community. While there are many different kinds of problems that a neighborhood could face on a public scale, such as bee or pigeon control, or general pest control services… it is often advisable to choose a reputable pest control service near the area.


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Why Does Our Neighborhood Need Professional Pest Control?

It is the age of free information. Never has there ever been an era where people have this much access to information on all branches of knowledge before. The thing is – it is also the era wherein information is difficult to distinguish from what is real and what is not.

Professionals don’t have to worry about this because it took years of schooling and experience in order to know the best methods to do their practice. And pest control professionals are no different. In fact, in Las Vegas, pest control experts need to show a license to be able to practice freely and safely. After all, pest control is incredibly dangerous in naïve hands and so it is important to make sure that you get aid and services from people who truly know what they are dealing with.

Every neighborhood can have different problems. One could be having a rodent control problem while another could be dealing with a wide-scale pigeon infestation. These types of problems can cause residents a lot of grief – health-wise, being the primary concern. Professionals can get this problem sorted out much faster than those who are simply trying things by trial and error.


Pest control services from professionals are also more cost-efficient in the long run as these services come with preventive measures so they don’t happen again – while a lot of the “do it yourself” information online could often be short-term measures against a long-term problem. Partnerships with a pest control service could also mean discounted services for residential infestations – if the community and the professionals involved could come to a mutual agreement.

There are many reasons as to why a HOA needs the aid of professional pest control experts!

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How Often Does My Neighborhood Need It?

 There are two situations in which a HOA needs to contact their chosen professional pest control services. One is when there is an immediate need for it – say, a resident of the neighborhood calls or emails and complains of pests like spiders, rodents, pigeons, and the like in common areas such as playgrounds or walk ways.

While individual homes and units are the responsibility of the homeowner, public areas are ought to be protected and maintained by the board of directors. When the board fails to address this problem, it could mean a lot of negative press about the neighborhood and may even force homeowners to move away.

Another reason for the board of directors of a HOA to contact professional pest control services regularly is for maintenance reasons. After all, a little bit of prevention could help your neighborhood from the future costs of large-scale, preventable infestations.

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