One of the most common pests in any area, found all over the world, are cockroaches. Yet, many people don’t know that an infestation of these insects can cause significant trouble for any kind of infrastructure.

The German cockroach is one of the more popular kinds found along the Las Vegas area, according to Ranger Pest Control’s expertise, and they can cause a lot of trouble for everyone involved. Of course, most people don’t want any kind of roaches in their home but these ones in particular can cause a whole world of trouble in the blink of an eye!

What’s So Different About These Cockroaches?

All cockroaches are pests, yes, but there are differences between breeds. German cockroaches are known to be a breed that can spawn and reproduce quite easily and quite swiftly! You could have a major infestation in your home in no time at all!

In one egg casing from a German roach, there could be up to 40 eggs—and a female German cockroach can make up to six casings in her short lifetime. If you do the math, it’s no wonder that German cockroach infestations can get so out of hand so quickly when they’re not properly tended to.

Some cockroaches can fly. It might be a small mercy that these cockroaches, which are quite common in the Las Vegas area, usually do not use their wings in that way. They are, however, quick on their feet and the coloration allows them to move about in the shadows practically undetected. These qualities make them quite the pest when they infest your home!

Ranger Pest Control Family Picture Las Vegas NV
Ranger Pest Control Family Picture Las Vegas NV
Ranger Pest Control Family Picture Las Vegas NV

What Damage Can German Cockroaches Do?

One of the most common and troublesome insects, German cockroaches can spell out a world of trouble for your home or your commercial establishment. Sometimes, they can be brought in unwittingly from cardboard boxes or may have hitchhiked somehow through your bags. When they make a home in your home, they can be incredibly difficult to get rid of completely!

Their droppings, for one thing, can look just like pepper—and as they are often carriers of disease and filth, this can be dangerous when in contact with food or human skin. After all, it could be easy to dismiss a little dark spot as nothing more than a speck of dust and simply brush it off the counter.

Considering that these cockroaches are able to transmit and carry diseases such as E. coli and Typhus, it might be worth considering to contact professional pest control services!

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