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Dealing with crickets can be especially tricky because these are creatures that are known for being noisy, right? It should be easy to tell when you’ve done the job because suddenly, everything will be silent and peaceful again! But what many don’t know is that when crickets feel threatened… they can actually go as deadly silent as the night before they come back out when they think it’s safe again!

This fact is only one of the many that you come to know when you’re an expert cricket exterminator, like the ones in the expert team that comprise the staff over at Ranger Pest Control. So, the next time that you think you’re dealing with a little bit of a cricket problem, you know who to call;

Some Signs of a Cricket Infestation

One of the main mistakes that homeowners tend to make is to underestimate their pest opponents. Some people in Las Vegas think that they can’t be touched by pests like this by virtue of their homes’ location.

The thing about crickets, however, is that they thrive in areas that are moist, like crawlspaces and such – places that are found aplenty in suburban areas in Las Vegas. Many species of crickets thrive in these areas that are often not properly sealed, especially in areas that are not always well attended. Areas that are dark and moist are prime breeding grounds of a cricket infestations.

If you have areas like this in your home and you’re seeing far more crickets than is usual, you may be playing host to several hundred guests in your home that aren’t paying the rent! Many species of crickets can actually do more harm than just disturbing the peace and quiet of your home as certain kinds of crickets can cause genuinely structural damage as they eat through anything. From your clothes to the wooden pillars that hold the foundation of your home together, crickets by the hundreds could do a lot more damage than you think.

If you think you’re dealing with a cricket problem, this is no time to hesitate. This is the time to call in the experts.

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How Can I Prevent a Cricket Infestation?

One of the best parts of hiring professional help, like the ones with Ranger Pest Control in Las Vegas, is that these cricket exterminators are highly trained. They constantly dedicate their time into making sure that their methods of extermination are humane and dignified but also, extremely effective at not just getting rid of the problem – but also making sure that the problem doesn’t occur again.

Sealing cracks and leaks in your home when you discover something is wrong could be one of the ways to prevent disaster but an expert’s eye is unmatched when it comes to situations like this. If you care for the safety of your home and its inhabitants, it would be wise to get a professional in to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape. After all, they do say that prevention is more ideal than any cure out there.

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