Ant Exterminator and Control In The Vegas Valley

Where there is a single ant, you can bet that the rest of its colony isn’t far behind. They are social insects, after all! While for the most part, the casual ant trail is more of a nuisance than anything else, there are times that when untended… ant infestations can go from annoying to threateningly serious.

In cities like Las Vegas, for example, where the climate lends itself for these little insects to thrive, large scale infestations can be quite common, unfortunately. Ants have to eat too, after all! When the ants choose to colonize your area, there could be very little that ordinary folk can do—and it’s time to call the specialists!

Aren’t Ants Easy to Deal With?

Due to their size and how benign they can seem, ants have gotten a reputation of being harmless most of the time. Little do people know that these little insects can pack quite the mean, destructive punch!

For a start, there are several kinds of ants—and quite a few of them bite. And these kind of ants tend to become defensive when people try to exterminate them and as they are so small and usually travel by group, it’s never a pretty picture when ants decide to attack in self-defense. This, and the fact that with every ant species, there is a specific way to deal with them. Black ants, for example, typically reside outdoors and only venture into indoor spaces to forage for food; meanwhile, larger carpenter ants usually reside in moist wood and they are quite aggressive and difficult to control! This may mean that in older buildings, of which Las Vegas has plenty, there could be these kinds of ants in the walls!

Ants are anything but easy to deal with because their colonies seem never ending.  To get rid of them you have to fix it at the source, at the colony, and at the queen!  Our professionals at Ranger Pest Control advise prevention most of all – striking before they have the chance to worsen – as the best course of action.  And if there’s already a significant infestation in your residence…well, don’t wait for it to get even worse!

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Ant Removal Las Vegas Nv Backyard
Black Ant Infestation In Vegas Home
Pest Control Las Vegas Ants Eating Food

Will Ant Control Treatments Even Last?

Many skeptics of ant control services deem professional services to not be worth it because, in due time, the ants come back—or some other type of pest does. Nothing lasts forever, so they say, so you might as well not even try?

Well, nothing does last forever, which is why it’s important to keep things in check at a regular basis. The best course of action is to have regular upkeep because nothing can stay pristine and perfect without a little help. And it’s these steps to prevention in ant control that helps prevent damage caused by ants and helps stop it from happening again. If anything, it just means that you have fewer problems than you would have had!

With over-the-counter ant control products, you tend to find they only work on the ants that come in direct content with the product.  This will not give you the lasting effect you desire.  Call the professionals at Ranger and you will see that we come equipped with not just products that get carried back to the ant colonies like microscopic trojan horses to wreak havoc on the whole ant population, but we bring years of experience to know where and how to defend your home from these miniature invaders.

While ant control services are not eternal, they help considerably and are an investment to help you from having to deal with the consequences of not having pest control services in sooner!

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